I'm a first-year medical student at the University of Michigan, as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program. My research interests are broadly in deep learning applications for translational medicine and biomedical discovery.

I'm currently a student researcher in the Machine Learning in Neurosurgery Laboratory, advised by Dr. Todd Hollon. Previously, I worked on improving the accuracy of glioma surgery at the University of California San Francisco, co-supervised by Dr. Todd Hollon and Dr. Shawn Hervey-Jumper. I completed my undergrad in neuroscience at the University of Michigan, where I studied the pathophysiology of cerebrovascular disease under Dr. Michael Wang.

I'm also working on developing AI-assisted supplemental speech therapy at Phonica.

Selected Research

A complete list of publications is available here.

CVPR (Highlight) | 2023
project · paper · arxiv · code
Leveraging the patient-slide-patch image hierarchy present in biomedical microscopy datasets to improve self-supervised representation learning.
Todd Hollon, Cheng Jiang, Asadur Chowdury, Mustafa Nasir-Moin, Akhil Kondepudi, Alexander Aabedi, Arjun Adapa, ..., Christian Freudiger, Honglak Lee, Daniel Orringer
Nature Medicine | 2023
project · paper · arxiv · code · press
The first AI-based intraoperative molecular classification system for diffuse gliomas.
Soo Jung Lee, Akhil Kondepudi, Kelly Z. Young, Xiaojie Zhang, Naw May Pearl Cartee, Jijun Chen, Krystal Yujin Jang, Gang Xu, Jimo Borjigin, Michael M. Wang
PLOS ONE | 2023
Identified smooth muscle markers that may be implicated in cerebrovascular disease with a novel histopathological staining analysis workflow.
Cheng Jiang*, Asadur Chowdury*, Xinhai Hou*, Akhil Kondepudi, Christian W. Freudiger, Kyle Conway, Sandra Camelo-Piragua, Daniel A. Orringer, Honglak Lee, Todd C. Hollon
NeurIPS Datasets and Benchmarks | 2022
project · arxiv · code · talk · poster
The first publically available stimulated Raman histology dataset, for rapid intraoperative histopathological assessment of tumor specimens.
Ayush Noori*, Colin Magdamo*, Xiao Liu, Tanish Tyagi, Zhaozhi Li, Akhil Kondepudi, Haitham Alabsi, ..., M Brandon Westover, Shibani S Mukerji, Sudeshna Das
JMIR | 2022
Information retrieval from electronic health records using natural language processing to improve cognitive status phenotyping.
Cheng Jiang, Abhishek Bhattacharya, Joseph Linzey, Rushikesh S. Joshi, Sung Jik Cha, Sudharsan Srinivasan, Daniel Alber, Akhil Kondepudi, ..., Honglak Lee, Todd Hollon
Neurosurgery (Cover) | 2022
paper · arxiv
Classification of skull base tumor specimens imaged with stimulated Raman histology using contrastive pretraining.

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